Our Volunteering Priorities

At a self-injury workshop with our discussion panel.

#1: Raise Self-Injury Awareness

Our #1 priority when we are at seminars or festivals is raising self-injury awareness and offering support.

 (pictured March 2016 at Self-Injury Workshop, Butler, NJ. From left to right: Linda, Kevin, Rebecca, Elaina, Kate, Amy)


#2: Team Building

Our #2 priority is building up our team and making time for our group members.

(pictured: June 2016 at Creation Festival, Pennsylvania. From left to right: Elaina, Amy, Vicki, Kate, Bhunita, Kaitlin)


#3: Fundraising & Products

Our #3 priority intertwines with our first and second priorities as we raise awareness and build up our team, we also sell our products which is how we raise funds for Launching Point.

(pictured: Food Truck Festival in Summer 2018, Chester, NJ)

Meet Our Current Volunteers

Vicki Duffy


Meet Vicki

Elaina B.


Meet Elaina

Linda Brennan


Meet Linda

Kaitlin H.


Meeet Kaitlin

Kevin Hofmann


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