Our Volunteer Crew--Meet Kevin


Volunteer Crew--Meet Kevin

Kevin first attended the Beyond Bandages support group in June 2012. Kevin currently works fulltime at a hardware company and volunteers at one or two festivals a year with us, does odd jobs and helps whenever he’s available. 

Contact Kevin: launchingpointkevin@gmail.com

Meet Kevin

Group Member


Kevin first attended Beyond Bandages in June, 2012. Kevin was involved in several of our “firsts” such as bonfire, lock-in and our first mud event.



Kevin is a huge advocate for mental health and self-injury awareness. Kevin is the contact for any "men's issues". 

Activities & Events


Kevin does all of the "odd jobs" around Launching Point and always assists  with any type of work without complaint.

Kevin's Story

Additional Information

We are big believers that there is strength in another person's story and so much to be learned from their journey. We will be posting Kevin's story soon.