Our Volunteer Crew--Meet Elaina


Volunteer Crew--Meet Elaina

Elaina first joined us by attending the Beyond Bandages support group in December of 2013. Elaina currently works fulltime at a retail store and volunteers at Launching Point at summer festivals and during the week year round on her days off as administrative assistant. Elaina has a heart for people to overcome self-injury and a passion for festivals.

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Meet Elaina

Group Member


Elaina first attended Beyond Bandages in January, 2014. She has only missed 2 group meetings over almost 5 years and is very dependable.

Generates Excitement


Elaina has been a major contributor to the product ideas, and setup at festivals. She also motivates and brings excitement to the crew. 

Activities & Events


Elaina has been active since first attending in 2014 and has been part of every festival, activity, seminar and mud event we've had from 2014 to present.

Elaina's Story

We are big believers that there is strength in another person's story and so much to be learned from their journey. We will be posting Elaina's story soon.