Our Volunteer Crew--Meet Elaina


Volunteer Crew--Meet Elaina

Elaina first joined us by attending the Beyond Bandages support group in December of 2013. Elaina currently works fulltime at a retail store and volunteers at Launching Point at summer festivals and during the week year round on her days off as administrative assistant. Elaina has a heart for people to overcome self-injury and a passion for festivals.

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Meet Elaina

Group Member


Elaina first attended Beyond Bandages in January, 2014. She has only missed 2 group meetings over almost 5 years and is very dependable.

Generates Excitement


Elaina has been a major contributor to the product ideas, and setup at festivals. She also motivates and brings excitement to the crew. 

Activities & Events


Elaina has been active since first attending in 2014 and has been part of every festival, activity, seminar and mud event we've had from 2014 to present.