Book Us For Your Next Event


Available for Seminars, Conferences, Events

  • We speak at schools, churches, hospitals and any venue!
  • We can come to your location for any of the following:
    • Hold an on-site self-injury support group at your location.
    • Conduct an awareness seminar with your staff in a lecture format followed by questions and answer session.
    • Provide a full slideshow presentation with handouts, notebooks, and ending with a question & answer session.

Workshop Or Speaking

Our fees vary depending on if it is a workshop or a public speaking engagement. 

  • Our fees range from $500 for a 45 minute speech/talk to $1,500 for a 1 1/2 to 2 hour speech/talk
  •  We are updating our fees for presentations and workshops
  • All fees mentioned above are for in state (NJ) and are higher out of state due to additional travel and preparations.

Why is there a fee for workshops?

Launching Point is an all volunteer run organization, not one staff member receives a salary or any financial compensation.  All the fees go directly to our charity to pay rent, insurance, phone, internet, purchase office supplies and equipment when needed, and all of our literature, notebooks and workshop materials.  It also takes time to prepare and we believe that is very much worth the fee.

Our Time Is Valuable

We invest much time, effort, energy and finances.  Our fee includes contract conversation/emails, preparation time, materials, travel time, travel expenses, presentation time.

Our workshops and public speaking engagements range between 45 minutes to 2 hours. Regardless of the time at the workshop, there are many hours spent that is bringing that workshop or presentation to life.