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Beyond Bandages

Beyond Bandages is a self-injury support group that began on Friday, November 4, 2005 as "Breaking the Silence of Self-Injury" and has continued as "Beyond Bandages" on the 1st & 3rd Thursday nights of every month, continuing through January 17, 2019.  *After that we have a new format.

Beyond Bandages switched is a support group for adult men and women who cause self-inflicted pain and/or injuries to themselves (as a form of coping), who are seeking support or have overcome and looking for support, in a group environment.


Support & Understanding

The 1st Thursday of every month is "Coping Mechanisms" where each person in attendance takes part in the discussion. There is homework as well! Come out to be part of a supportive group where you can discuss the real struggles of overcoming self-inflicted violence.  Regardless of where you are in your road to recovery, we are here to listen and support.

Each meeting has a specific topic and takes place in a relaxed environment.

Doors open at 6:30pm and meeting begins at 7:00pm on the first floor, down the hallway, in suite 116.

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Beyond Bandages--Changes 2019

The scope of Beyond Bandages will change starting in middle of January 2019 so that we can continue aiming for a healthy life.

  • Beyond Bandages will be going in the direction of online support and in-person support that will focus on open communication and activities rather than an official leader-run support group meeting.

  • The last Beyond Bandages self injury support group meeting (as its been known from 2005-2018) will be on Thursday, January 17.

  • Going forward, we will have a Beyond Bandages Coping Mechanism meeting on the 1st Thursday of every month. This will be an RSVP required with no walk-ins allowed. There will be homework.

  • Online self-injury support will be through a secure website and every member will register and have their own user name and password to get onto the support group forum.

  • Beyond Bandages (dedicated/active members) will be involved in workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements. These will take place at high schools, hospitals, and conferences when needed as well as when we are invited. (On Thursdays and Fridays)

A little about what Launching Point will be doing:

  • Launching Point will continue going to festivals bringing awareness of self-inflicted violence and talking with people about how to overcome. Note: Only active/dedicated members of Beyond Bandages will be involved as they have been over the years.

  • Launching Point will host self injury awareness meetings & parent meetings at Launching Point where all Beyond Bandages members will be invited and can assist in the roundtable discussion.

  • Launching Point has opened a store at our location in November 2018 and will have dedicated/active members operate our store; volunteering their time on select days/nights.

  • Launching Point will be more focused on bringing hope, awareness, inspiration via the messages on our products. We will bring select products to speaking engagements.

  • Launching Point will be mailing self-injury awareness packets to schools and hospitals; any member can volunteer to assist in this project.

  • All meetings, seminars, events, activities, and festivals will be indicated on our calendar and app. 

  • Our Friday Cafe will become “Community Cafe” with hours of 6:00pm to 11:00pm for anyone looking to hangout, have a “getaway place” or listen to music in a safe environment. This is a “come and go” Cafe for anyone to come out, with opening and closing hours, so anyone can come and go in those hours of operation.

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