Updates & Announcements


As of May 1, 2020 our we will be moving our of the space in Boonton as our lease will come to an end on May 31, 2020. We currently don't have another space and are looking to find a place we can call home.

We have a new logo and are officially with the alternate name "Love More Judge Less, which describes exactly who we are and also the name of our store.

Due to state mandate & curfew regarding the COVID-19 virus,  as of March 19 we are closed and not offering any in-person meetings. PLEASE NOTE; Since we are an essential service, we are available for on-one-one meetings providing you wear a face covering or face mask and we maintain a 6' distance. By appointment only.

Nothing beats in person meetings and having that contact with other people, however we are in times that we cannot meet up for safety and health reasons so until were able to do that again, we have implemented online and virtual meetings and get the best support for everyone.

We have virtual support group meetings every Thursday night and every Monday night for our Beyond Bandages group and twice monthly for Yana. We use Facebook Video Chat.

  • We have created brand new Instagram pages for Beyond Bandages and Yana groups, as well as Facebook groups. If you are not on Instagram or Facebook, this would be an ideal time for you to create an account and/or like and follow Launching Point.

  • Join our online Beyond Bandages Facebook group that acts as an extension to Beyond Bandages support group meetings. And this is a safe place to discuss struggling,overcoming, and triggers, as well as encouraging each other.

  • Join our Beyond Bandages Instagram page and/or our You Are Not Alone Instagram page to receive encouragement daily via pictures. These specific Instagram pages are places to ask questions or comment on struggling,overcoming and be encouraging to each other.

Beyond Bandages Virtual Meetings

Our meetings are via Facebook Video Chat and they will continue until further notice. 

  • Please reach out with any questions  by sending a e-mail to info@launchingpoint.org.
  • We have 2 support groups for self-injury: 
  • "Throw Out" on Monday nights @ 7:30pm and "Beyond Bandages" on Thursday nights @ 7:00pm.

Meetings will be online until further notice.