Support Goes Beyond Meetings

Activities & Events

In addition to the support group meetings, we offer various activities that go “hand in hand” with the support group, meaning that all the activities and events planned for Beyond Bandages are with other people that regularly attend the  group. 

  • We even participate in mud events such as “Muck Fest” and "Tough Mudder" which are phenomenal team builders!


Some members of Beyond Bandages who were on our discussion panel at a seminar about by self-injury.

Along with activities, we also have off-site events such as workshops that take place on "non meeting" Thursday & Friday nights, which can be seminars or conferences.

Fieldtrips & Outings


We have game nights, trivia night, hang-outs, movie night, offsite outings like bowling, trivia, go to arcades and even interesting filed trips to stores.

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