Self-Injury Support & Resource Center

Self-Injury Support & Resource Center

Self-Injury Support & Resource CenterSelf-Injury Support & Resource CenterSelf-Injury Support & Resource Center

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Welcome to Launching Point


Mission Of Love

Launching Point is a mission of love; simply put, we are committed to helping people overcome self-inflicted violence through support groups, outreach, and volunteering.  We provide a safe environment where every person can have a sense of belonging, be inspired, and find comfort among others who have faced similar challenges.  Please read our guidelines prior to attending a support group with us.


We Are A Different Charity

Launching Point believes that every person matters, has hope, a future and that every person is part of the puzzle. Our purpose is to devote our time and efforts to providing awareness, support and resources to those adults who struggle with self-injury, as well as assist friends and loved ones cope. 


Our Dedicated Crew

Currently our dedicated festival crew comprises of 3, however we do have a handful of volunteers who are committed to our cause, helping to educate the community. We take our convictions and turn them into action; if you are interested in being part of a great cause, send us a message. 

Support Is Available:



Support Group


Body-Focused Behavior 

Support Group


Suicide Loss

Support Group


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Shop our online store full of great products, all with our original inspiring sayings and phrases. 


 Talk Show

"Share Your Scars” on overcoming self-injury and life issues.  on our YouTube channel. 


Book Us

 Contact us if you are interested in having a seminar, conference, a workshop or a presentation.


Giving Back  

We are giving back to charities in the communities of our past locations and our current location.

Our Focus:


We offer support groups, meetings, seminars (onsite & offsite), events, and activities.  We mail self-injury awareness packets to schools and hospitals so they know what we offer.  If you are a counselor or administrator, please contact us and we will send you a packet.

  • We also attend music festivals where we set up a booth to bring awareness on self-harm and our products with encouraging messages. 
  • We launched an online store in November 2018 and is available 24/7 at Love More Judge Less.  Through our products, we bring hope, awareness, and inspiration via the messages. 

We realize that some people may need help that is "beyond our expertise" and when that happens, we will suggest you seek a professional; this is to keep each member of our groups and organization safe and focused on support; we are not counselors nor do we have the expertise to help "everyone with everything" and since each individual has a history and there are so many "moving parts", we believe it's best to consult a professional when the concern is beyond the support we offer.

We refrain from discussions that aren’t related to self-injury, bfrb, or suicide loss and should someone need to talk about issues that are personal of nature or mental health related (beyond our abilities), we will direct people to counseling, a therapist (or crisis care when needed) as this keeps everyone on the right path for success.   ❤️

We Are Okay With Being Different:

Donations Accepted

If you would like to donate to our cause, and help toward ongoing expenses, please know that your contributions will enable us to do great things. Your generous donation will fund our mission of hope and healing in our community and beyond.

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