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Love More. Judge Less.

We are home to the 1st self-injury support group in NJ that began in 2005. In 2006, we were officially registered as Launching Point, a self-injury support & resource center.  We began an online talk show in 2014 that airs Monday through Friday with a 5 minute segment and on Sundays with a full hour show.   We are now registered with the alternate name “Love More Judge Less”, which is also the name of our store.     


Mission Of Love

Launching Point is a mission of love; simply put, we are committed to helping people overcome self-inflicted violence through support groups, outreach, and volunteering.  We provide a safe environment where people can feel belonging, be inspired, and be around others who are on a similar journey. 


We Are A Different Charity

Launching Point believes that every person matters, has hope, a future and that every person is part of the puzzle. Our purpose is to devote our time and efforts to providing awareness, support and resources to those adults who struggle with self-injury, as well as to share our positive message on small products. 


Our Dedicated Crew

Currently our dedicated festival crew comprises of 3, however we do have a handful of volunteers who are committed to our cause, helping to educate the community. We take our convictions and turn them into action; if you are interested in being part of a great cause, send us a message. 

"You Are Not Alone"

During this pandemic there is a specific group of people the government has deemed essential; while many of us are staying home,  these folks are on the front line (first responders, nurses, doctors) and others are working in hospitals, grocery stores, etc. We want to give essential workers a button and sticker that have "your are not alone" on them, along with a smiley pen. It is our way of thanking you and letting you know you are appreciated and not alone in this fight. Thank you.

Support Is Available:



Support Group


Body-Focused Behavior 

Support Group


Suicide Loss

Support Group


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Shop our online store full of great products, all with our original inspiring sayings and phrases. 


 Talk Show

"Share Your Scars” on overcoming self-injury and life issues.  on our YouTube channel. 


Book Us

 Contact us if you are interested in having a seminar, conference, a workshop or a presentation.


Giving Back  

We are giving back to charities in the communities of our past locations and our current location.

We Are Okay With Being Different:

Donations Accepted

If you would like to donate to our cause, and help toward ongoing expenses, please know that your contributions will enable us to do great things. Your generous donation will fund our mission of hope and healing in our community and beyond.

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