Welcome to Beyond Bandages!  If you are an adult struggling with any form of self-injury, looking to overcome, or want to remain on your recovery journey, then Beyond Bandages is for you and we welcome you! 

Beyond Bandages is the first self-injury support group to come to New Jersey!  Beyond Bandages is a support group for adult men and women who cause self-inflicted pain and/or injuries to themselves (as a form of coping), who are seeking support in a group environment.

    Beyond Bandages takes place weekly at Launching Point in Rockaway, New Jersey.  Launching Point is a charitable organization that serves as a self-injury support & resource center.

    Beyond Bandages Self-Injury Support Group takes place on select Thursday and Fridays:

    • THURSDAY: Support Group--1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursdays of every month @ 7:00pm-9:00pm​
    • FRIDAY: Coping Mechanisms--the last Friday of every month @ 7:00pm-9:00pm​

    At Beyond Bandages, we talk about day to day struggles of self-injury, triggers and the stress that lead to self-inflicted violence.

    • Casual format
    • Come as you are!
    • No cost to attend!

    The group facilitator is Vicki Duffy, founder of Launching Point. 

    Want to know what is happening with Beyond Bandages? Just click on calendar to see our upcoming meetings, events, and activities or you can download our app.  To make things easier, we have an app for that!

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      All meetings, activities, and events are subject to change without notice. Transportation to/from any meeting, activity or event is sole responsibly of individual. Transportation to/from any meeting, event, or activity should be arranged in advance, not during any meeting, event or activity, as this keeps us all respectful of others and helps with boundaries.


      We go to food truck festivals!
      We attend workshops with our group as the discussion panel.
      We participate in team building events like mud races!

      Launching Point is located in the Pine Street Commons Business Center on the 2nd floor. Our exact address is:

      21 Pine Street, Suite 201, Rockaway, NJ 07866

      Please note: the main entrance for Launching Point is at the front of the brick building on 21 Pine Street which has large green & white letters displaying "Pine Street Commons Business Center" and the number 21 on the maroon entrance canopy.

      There is parking along Pine Street and Stickle Street as well as a large parking lot behind the building, where you'll see the white and maroon directory of businesses; there is nothing else outside indicating Launching Point or Beyond Bandages. If you park in the lot, walk around to the main entrance on Pine Street.
      We are on corner of Stickle Street and Pine Street.
      Main entrance.
      Our entrance upstairs, suite 201.

      **Please park in the lot or along the street in marked spots and walk to the front main entrance. Do not park along the yellow curbs as that is a tow zone.

      Once you enter the doors, walk straight ahead and we are down the end of the hall. When we aren't having a support group meeting, we have inspiring and fun activities. Check our calendar often as we have monthly activities and add more meetings as needed! 

      Over the years we have seen hundreds of people attend the group and some come from as far as Cape May and Philadelphia. We've given out over 8,000 self-injury brochures, had over 250 self-injury support group meetings, offered a variety of fun and inspiring activities, held our first "Lock-In" this pass August and in October, we had our first outdoor campfire. It is the heart of Launching Point to reach out to those that struggle with any form of self-injury, such as scratching, cutting, burning, hair-pulling, or bone breaking as a coping mechanism, to visit us online or in person.​​

      Click here for the Rules & Guidelines.

      Please Note: Each individual is responsible for transportation to and from any meeting, activity or event. Transportation to/from any meeting, event, or activity should be arranged in advance, not during any meeting, event or activity, as this keeps us all respectful of others and helps with boundaries.  

      History of the group:

      • The first support group meeting took place on November 4, 2005, when it was called "BSSI" (Breaking the Silence of Self-Injury) in a small room on the second floor of Living Praise Church.
      • The only support group in New Jersey, it was designed to be positive & uplifting.
      • The support group took place twice monthly for 3 years. Beyond Bandages now takes place at least 3 times monthly on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Thursdays and has since moved to a new location, in Rockaway.