Launching Point Rules & Guidelines:
These are the basic rules and guidelines for Launching Point and it is expected of each individual to adhere to these.

  • No Harming:  Since Launching Point is a self-injury support and resource center, the main focus is keeping people harm free. There is a no harming rule in effect for anywhere on the premises as well as a  2 strikes rule: If you harm 2 times within the confines of Launching Point, you will be asked to refrain from attending the group or program for 2 consecutive meetings. While in the group or program, share your urges or feelings rather than acting out, safe word is bacon

  • Confidential Meetings: Due to the nature of the groups and programs, everything is kept confidential; what is said in this group stays within confines of the group. The only exception is if a person speaks of suicide intentions and/or to harm a person.  Some of our groups or programs have an anonymity clause.

  • Come Willing:  It is important that you are not ‘forced’ to attend any group or program at Launching Point, to come on your own, without the desire to harm yourself.

  • Group Participation:  Please know that any group or program offered at Launching Point is not for those who wish to ‘sit in’ or ‘observe’.   It is understandable that you may not be comfortable sharing at your 1st or 2nd meeting, however sharing is encouraged after that time; every person serves an important role and has something he/she can share. 

  • Talk if Triggered: If something is triggering during a meeting and you have the desire to harm, let it be known so that it can be addressed immediately. Our safe word is bacon

  • Cross Talk:  Avoid ‘talking over’ others and/or interrupting. Please wait for the person to complete his/her thought or sentence before commenting.

  • Stay Positive: Stay away from 'put downs', criticizing another, and/or or rude comments. No comparing wounds of any kind. Abstain from giving suggestions on how to harm.

  • Share Coping Skills: One of the goals is to learn new and healthy coping skills and apply them in your everyday living.  Please share the positive skills that work for you.

  • Not Counseling:  Any support group at Launching Point is for those seeking support, and not to be confused with counseling or therapy. Please refrain from trying to “fix” anyone or offer “counseling”, and refrain from suggesting other groups or programs.  

  • No Swearing: Although swearing can be a form of expression and replaced for a word that you feel is indescribable, please refrain from using obscenities during the support group.  Please find an appropriate, respectful word rather than swearing.

  • Cell Phone Usage:  Refrain from cell phone usage during meetings; this includes phone calls, texting, surfing the web, or any other cellphone use. Please refrain from cell phone use as it is a distraction and disrespectful to the group.  If you get a call or need to make a call, please be courteous and go into the hallway. 

  • Dress Code:  Modest attire. Simply dress modestly by keeping 'tempting areas' covered and not in plain sight.  By adhering to this dress code, we are limiting all visual body distractions. Entire dress code is located on the bulletin board.

  • Transportation: It is the sole responsibility of each person attending any group or program to have their own transportation to and from Launching Point. It is strongly discouraged for anyone to ask for rides while they are at Launching Point as well as asking from someone of the opposite sex who also attends groups or programs at Launching Point.